Auckland New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the world’s best places to live in, best place to rise your family.

It has a very pleasant climate, great beaches, a wide variety of outdoor activities, cultural attractions, health care , a good educational system, economic freedom, a lack of corruption and attractive, modern cities.

Known for the stunning landscapes featured in Peter Jackson’s "Lord of the Rings".

Here’re the 10 best places to live in New Zealand.


Christchurch , Canterbury.

Christchurch is the second largest city in New Zealand, and so it is a viable option to live, and work abroad rather than those just looking for a retirement paradise.

It’s considered an excellent place to live for families in particular as there is so much going on, the climate is excellent, the educational and social facilities are fabulous and among the majority of residents, a perfect blend of working and relaxing is achieved.

Christchurch is close to the coast, it is close to winter sports resorts, there’s a wealth of activities available throughout the year for all the family to enjoy, and Christchurch is famous for its culture and history as well, making it a really lovely place to consider living in New Zealand.


The Bay of Plenty.

The Bay of Plenty and in particular the region’s largest city of Tauranaga, have been increasing in appeal among New Zealanders.

The coastal areas of this region enjoys a stunning micro climate, meaning that it’s a perfect area for fruit cultivation, and a perfect place to retire.

The region experiences an average summertime temperature in the mid twenties , and enjoys 2260 hours of sunshine every year.


Waikato Region.

Located in the central North Island, the region of Waikato is a very fertile one in agricultural terms , and also a fertile ground for recent city migrators going in search of more affordable housing options.

Property in New Zealand in Waikato’s towns such as Hamilton, continues to be far more affordable than in its main city of Auckland.

What’s more, there are increasing employment prospects across the region as well as decent educational facilities, making it a good area to consider for families interested in relocating abroad, and starting a brand new life overseas.

Your kids can enjoy the Hamilton Zoo, Hamilton Gardens, the Waikato Museum, and the Otorohanga Kiwi House and Native Bird House, or try something more active like walking tracks, Waterworld, or kayaking.


Dunedin, Otago.

A relaxing pace of life and low crime levels make Dunedin a great place for kids, especially those who love our native wildlife: kayak with seals, walk with penguins, and see the Royal Albatrosses.

Whilst the climate in this part of New Zealand is not the best, there are still huge variations all across the region.

The city of Dunedin is great for employment and education – but if you’re not reliant on New Zealand’s employment landscape, and you’re moving to the other side of the world to retire perhaps, you’ll find cheaper housing, a laid back lifestyle, friendly local citizens and picture postcard beauty in landscape terms.


New Plymouth, Taranaki.

With its low crime rate, low unemployment levels, and affordable family homes, New Plymouth is a great place to raise your kids.

The local oil and gas industry helps drive a thriving local economy and Taranaki performs well in both ncea National Standards and university entrance rates for leavers.

Handy to both the mountain and the beaches, your kids can ski and surf close to home.



The capital of New Zealand.

Wellington combines big-city sophistication with tight-knit community living and superb educational opportunities.

Its level of school leavers achieving university entrance level is high and they can go on to Victoria University.

It has beautiful beaches, parks and reserves, and it’s highly walkable.

Wellington homes, while not cheap, are far more affordable than homes in Auckland and Christchurch.


North Shore, Auckland.

Bustling Auckland can be a wonderful place to raise children because families have so many choices when it comes to their kids: education, healthcare, entertainment, sports – it’s all here.

There is a surprisingly large range of free activities, like Ambury Farm, the Auckland Museum, some incredible playgrounds and the Auckland Libraries’ many school holiday events.

Auckland has twice been rated the third best city in the world for liveability and the University of Auckland is New Zealand’s highest-ranked university.

The North Shore is among the best areas for families, due to its lower crime rate and lovely beaches.



Nelson is a city on the eastern shores of Tasman Bay.

Living in Nelson puts families within easy reach of just about everything they could ever want.

Kids do well at Nelson schools, with high levels of National Standard achievement and university entrance qualification levels.

The climate is New Zealand’s sunniest and there’s plenty to do with all that sunshine: parks and reserves, beaches, and you’re just a short hop from Wellington.

Unemployment levels are extremely low in Nelson; this is a safe and secure environment where kids can enjoy an enviable outdoor lifestyle.


Queenstown Lakes, Otago.

Otago stands out among New Zealand districts for its exceptionally high educational achievement for both National Standards and university entrance.

Add to that its outstanding natural beauty and you can see why Queenstown is such a desirable place to raise a family.

Children raised around Queenstown can enjoy an enviable year-round access to world-class attractions and sporting venues, especially the ski fields and mountain biking.

Laid-back attitudes and plenty of visitors give the town a global vibe.


Selwyn, Canterbury.

Your kids can get an excellent education in Selwyn, while you can buy a relatively affordable house that leaves you close enough to Christchurch to enjoy most of its big-city benefits.

Selwyn has high-quality amenities for families, like swimming pools, reserves, skate parks, and many playgrounds.

Perhaps the biggest drawcard are ‘Selwyn’s Six’ ski fields; Porters and Mt Cheeseman are particularly family-friendly.

Like all of Canterbury, educational achievement standards are high and employment levels are high.