Beirut Lebanon

I have a home away from home! a place where part of my family is.

Where i feel safe.

Where i belong.

And even if i go there less than three times a year, Once i get, it’s like i never left there.

I love Beirut! If "home" is where the heart is, i think i have two places i can call home.

The problem is that they are very far apart So travel can get pretty tiring.

There is only one thing that makes me feel super, extremely bored, It is to wait at the airport! And doing nothing! So that’s what i do! i check all the Duty Frees! Let’s go!!! This is my favorite perfume Yves Saint Laurent, It’s delicious! Another favorite of the same brand is corrective, and mascara, i love mascara but this corrective.

I’m sure you know, everybody knows.

I Love! People, talking about face creams, i honestly do not know anything better than Sisley.

This one, this one, The Global Perfect, It is amazing, amazing! This one anti-age, this is one of the most sold, the All Day All year, and also this cream this is the night eye cream.

All of them I’ve tested, i have used, and they are really amazing.

Another of the best creams in the world It is very expensive so I’ll wait until i get a little older to invest in it.

But it’s wonderful! After landing, i still had to overcome the Lebanese traffic.

But no matter, i was at home! What i love in Beirut is that i have my own routine here.

My favorite stores, the type Cream Guam, Le 66, and the incredible Aishti Foundation which is already a walk, with its elegant architecture and luxurious.

Beirut is a place where i can eat very well and still enjoy wonderful views.

But also, a place where i can look after myself, my body in my loved Muay Thai lessons with the teacher Jihad, my hair in great halls, and my soul, coming out with dear friends.

So I’m walking, going to a meeting with Sarah`s Bag which is a incível Lebanese designer handbags, I’m a little lost! Excuse me! i do not know where I’m going !! Where are you Sarah? But it’s when you get lost, do you think the coolest things in the city.

Then, walk around, do not use car, explore, and look at the architecture Beirut, Beirut simply! a charming and hidden corner i found Sarah’s Bag.

People always ask me about it the two bags i have, because they are beautiful and coloridadas.

Sarah does a wonderful job with women who are in prison in Lebanon, and also takes care of them when they leave prison.

We work with women in prison we train them to do all the work by hand they do this piece and then these pieces pieces are placed in bags.

But we also work with those who have served their sentences when they are out of prison Guys, this is wonderful !! And these women return to their villages, and they form teams around them, these teams, each team is responsible for a certain type of work.

And we provide work for each of this, teams.

We now have more than 200 women working with us out of prison.

Out of prison! And they were prisoners before? Some of them! The leaders were prisoners.

Then the leaders come out of prison, they train other women of these villages.

This is how the circle works, continuing support.

Eeee !! i won this one folks !!! Look at this!! Look how beautiful is the bag and the package !! It’s heavy!! How beautiful!! Sarah, you know i love stars !!! Thanks!!! It is the collection that is coming! Oh, you are not on sale yet? No, it’s not! i am much exclusive !! Thanks!! a lucky bag.

This is my lucky purse !! There is only one hour from the beaches, on the coast of Beirut, you find.

Snow! And even if you do not ski, the trip definitely worth it.

Fly can stop at Le Montagnou to eat and enjoy the view of the beautiful infinity pool.

But i? i never miss an opportunity to ski.

Finally!!! I’m going skiing in the mountains of Lebanon !! i was waiting for this so long.

I do not believe I’m skiing in Lebanon! Look what a sight it is !! Just as the desert in Dubai, the amount of endless snow puts things in perspective and makes you think about how lucky you are to be able to experience all this, to be part of it all.

And even better, even for a short period of time.

Can call home.

It’s so hard to leave Beirut, I’ll take my heart like, i do not want to go! But now it’s time to go home, Goodbye Beirut !!.