Bordeaux France

Hello! Today i share with you my journey to Bordeaux i was there for lectures on art If you are interested to know what i learned about art and how to evolve as an artist and how to sell, etc.

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But today i just watch random images from Bordeaux a pretty little town.

I will not do a lot of videos of my travels.

I love traveling, but not that much.

So i can not make a specific string "journey".

The trip is not my passion.

The sculpture, by contrast, though! But i like where I’m going to share suddenly, i wanted to do a video tour! Short! Bordeaux has many classical buildings.

It’s honestly not my thing.

It’s very "French".

Many conventional building.

Low colorful buildings.

Mostly beige.

It’s very nice and you feel a real wealth.

This is a very old city.

It dates from the eleventh century bc.

Yes, i checked! Personally i love cathedrals.

And religious building.

Although i am agnostic atheist.

But i love the buildings! i find them beautiful! There are two very impressive churches in Bordeaux.

The Cathedral of Saint Andrew.

And St Michel.

A cathedral is headed by a bishop.

And a basilica is an exceptional church (pilgrimage, architecture, person of importance) Both are built in Gothic.

I love the Gothic churches, just splendid! i found my mom in Bordeaux.

Unlike me, she sought what was at even.

And found the city of wines.

Which makes sense, since Bordeaux is famous for its wine.

So we went there and it was really cool.

The building itself has some form of a squash.


I think it looks like a pumpkin! * Laughs * But it is supposed to represent the top of a wine glass.

And all around, that’s cool! (i say cool too often) This is a former industrial area undergoing gentrification.

There are a lot of street art.

Beautiful graffiti.

And there is an "artsy" atmosphere that i love and research in cities.

I really loved this neighborhood.

There is also a science museum, but we did not have time to visit it.

In this district, there is also the artist Jean-François Buisson.

He works the metal.

Cutting, welding, etc.

He creates his very organic forms.

Which are both very industrial.

It is really nice.

It’s brutal and rustic, yet poetic.

I hope i do not sound cheesy.

It’s really hard to see.

It is also an artist residency.

The artists can work and display their art.

There is a gallery and a workshop.

I was even brave enough to talk about my work.

And he loved.

And asked him to send pictures by email.

What i have not done yet, because I’m afraid, and it’s too much excitement at once! the Museum of Modern Art is also visited.

There was an exhibition on the issue of housing.

Very interesting.

And that’s about all! i know this is short and there is no relation to the sculpture.

But i say.

Good, travel is interesting.

The trips feed the mind and creativity.

So i share! i think sharing my time travel time.

Do not expect too much, i do not travel that much.

But perhaps four per year.

I think you can handle it! * Laughs * If you enjoyed this, thank you a small green thumb 🙂 And tell me if you’ve been to Bordeaux before.

If you visited France.

Tell me also if you want or where i live.

Vannes is a beautiful city.

I’ll see you in my next video! Goodbye! :).