Busan South Korea

– Go straight or back? – Don’t stop in the middle of the road! keep going! No! Cannot stop in the middle of the road! You will be rear-ended if you cut the lane like that.

You don’t stop in the middle of the road! f***! there! right! Whoa, don’t you know how to use the gps? Watch your left.

Whoa, hey.

I need to familiarize.

No one familiarizes by stopping in the middle of the f***ing road! Hello guys, today is a new day again here in South Korea, Busan.

And today is day number 8.

The second last day of our South Korea trip.

Today we will be doing our travel a little bit different.

Today we are not, no longer taking bus and trains.

– Hey, no.

– i mean, yeah.


– We will.

– We are taking it now.

Yeah, we’re taking it now, but.

Now we are actually heading to Gimhae Airport.

Why? Because we are renting a car and we’re heading to this place called Tongyeong.

It is actually not considered Busan.

But then, yeah, it’s a bit far away.

It’s out of Busan and it’s about 2 and a half hours drive out of Busan.

I heard that place is very very beautiful.

We will drive down, to Tongyeong! – Tongyeong.

– Why are we always driving down? Drive down? Why can’t we drive left or right? i thought we’re driving leftwards? – It’s downwards on the map! – Are you sure? Up and down! i say down means down.

Yeah, yeah.

Always drive downwards alright? Is it Bolin Chen Adventures or David Lim Adventures? – Drive down? Where are we going to? The sea? – f***! – Busan is here, Tongyeong is down here.

– Are you sure? Yeah, you stupid.

I don’t know! We will see you, at Gimhae Airport.


One second, we will reach there.


Hi guys, so right now, after one second we are now right here at Gimhae Airport.

Here in Busan and right behind us is the Avis counter where we rent our car here to begin our day.

Time now is 11 am.

Today the main driver will be him.

And, let’s go! – Film the handsome guy! – English gps! Oh yeah! – Korean telephone? Or? – Oh, Korean telephone.

But our card, no money.


– Or Singapore number? – Oh, Singapore number.

– Okay.

– Roaming.

Do you have it? – i do, but i didn’t activate it.

– Activate it then.

Just give our Korean number maybe we can pick up calls.

I don’t know.

What’s the number? 0,1,0.

David Lim.





– Then what? – What is it? – Wait I’m searching.

You suck.



– 8.

– 1,5,5.

Write it properly stupid.

– Quick, i want to pee.

– Wait! You should tell her that, why are you telling me to be quick? I’m saying quickly take the camera.

Beautiful girl.

"may i have your attention please?" no.

Your car, gate number 3.


– Coming soon.

– Ah, okay.

Thank you.

Hold this, I’m going to the toilet.

The toilet is just there! One minute.

Quick, quick.

One minute, you said it! Starting from now! 1.


This is our rental agreement stuff.

Which i will all censored later.

Now we’re gonna wait for the car to come at gate 3 which is just right behind me.

When the car is here we’ll do some checks.

Then we’re ready to go.

We will head down to this town or city or.

I think, a town.

Should be a town.

Which is 2 and a half hours drive away from Busan.

I think 2 and a half or 1 and a half.

I can’t remember but it’s a long long ride.

– Huh? – It’s here.

The silver color car.

You hold this.

You’re the owner.

Whoa, this is our car! Beautiful.

The gps is huge.

So now, gonna film the car as usual.


Oh damn, there’s a spider here.

A spider.

F***ing spider.

Kill it.

– You do it.

– No.

Kill it or sweep it away? Just grab and throw.

While they check, let me show you the Gimhae International Airport here in Busan, South Korea! And this is the Domestic Airport.

So right now we’ve just got our car.

It’s the Hyundai Avante.

– And.

– Hyundai Avante? Oh yeah.

– Yeah, you’re right.

Hyundai Avante.

– I’m right.

Right now we’re gonna head on to eat some breakfasts before we go down to Tongyeong.

Which is a two-hour drive that he will do it.

And I’ll just sleep.

It’s quite cold here, let’s go in.

Let’s go! Let me put my bag first.

Okay! Now we are in.

The f*** car! And let’s f***ing sleep, baby! Please find a place to eat.

Do you understand or not? Are you okay? You okay? Can you don’t look so unconfident? It’s like this when you first drive.

Anyway if you crash the car you’re screwed basically.

– Okay, where to? – Where do you wanna go? You’re the driver.

Let’s have breakfast.

Find a place to eat.

How do you use this? – Enlighten me.

– Damn, I’ll do it.

Here, see? Good.

I wanna eat.

You got the eat? No eat? No food? No food? There you go, main.

Yeah! Category.

I want fast food.

– Lotteria.

Oh, have you tried it? – No.

Let’s go Lotteria then.

How long do you wanna search? Why are you searching so slow?! Okay, Lotteria.

– Seoul.

– What?! No! – This, the closest.

– Okay! Guide me now! You’re on your own.

Are you ready? Why can’t i turn the blinker off? Look here, I’ll teach you.

Just tap this lightly, the blinker will blink for a few seconds.

If you tap it hard, it will keep blinking.

– Okay, then? – Just flick it back to the middle.

You got me worried even before we drive.

– Alright, guys.

– Wait.

I’ll set up tripod.

Okay! Ladies and gentlemen, right now mister David Lim over here.

My friend, my buddy.

My Basic Military Training.

Friend here.

Is gonna start driving.

This will be his virgin Korea.

South Korea drive.

Singapore is right-hand drive.

So he drove left-hand drive that time when he came to Kaohsiung to find me in Taiwan.

He’s not a stranger to any left-hand drive f***.

So, first thing, firstly.

Let me get my seatbelt on.

Because this is gonna go on YouTube.

This s*** gonna go on YouTube.

So right now we’re gonna head to the nearest Lotteria.

Which is their Korean’s version of McDonald’s.

So we’re gonna head there now to enjoy some breakfasts before we head down to Tongyeong.

Let’s go! And then "boom"! Alright.

– Where should the drive stick be? – It’s here.

You only go to "+" and "-" when you are on slopes.


You’re starting to make me worried! Damn! Hey, hey, steady man, steady.

– It’s okay since I’m not the one paying if you crash.

– f*** off.

Whoa, first time driving in Korea.

– It’s hot.

Let’s turn on the air-con.

– Sure.

The f***er didn’t turn on the air-con.

Did you signal? i didn’t cut lanes! i just follow the arrow.

– Okay, okay, sorry.

– What the f***!? i didn’t cut lanes! What the f***! Don’t slow down, hello? Okay, okay.

Come on man.

I’m getting used to it.

F*** you! You at Kaohsiung use to it how many times already? – How do you feel about driving in Korea? – It’s barely.

4 minutes.

What do you want me to say? – You’re gonna crash sooner or later.

– f*** off! i meant in your whole lifetime.

– I’ve seen a few accidents so far.

– I’ve experienced it before.

I’ve experienced it too.

But the car is still okay.

My car already went to heaven.

When it crash, "boom", straight away.

If you have some sort of ghost camera you can see the soul floating up like this.

– Go straight or back? – Don’t stop in the middle of the road! – i know I’m.

– keep going! No! Cannot stop in the middle of the road! You will be rear-ended if you cut the lane like that.

You don’t stop in the middle of the road! f***! there! right! Whoa, don’t you know how to use the gps? Watch your left.

Okay, go, go! Whoa, hey.

I need to familiarize.

No one familiarizes by stopping in the middle of the f***ing road! Because the guy is filtering, I’m giving way.

It’s not even a kilometer.

Hey, hey, speed bump! Oh my god.

Don’t stop, don’t stop.

You can’t stop in the middle of the road.

Don’t slow down! Don’t slow down! Drive faster! – Yeah.

– U-turn? – No! Straight! Yes.

– That’s a mistake.

– You got honked twice already.

Do you hear that? As you can see, ladies and gentlemen, on the left, on my right side.

– i don’t think they can see it.

– They can.

Oh the streets, they are a lot of Sakura trees.

This gps is made by Hyundai.

F***ing sucks.

The view here is too awesome.

Check out this, awesome stuff.

– Are you nervous? – No! Do you know i use to guide some of my female friends on driving in the past.

– and they all cried.

– Yeah.

This is a life and death situation you know? And this kinda thing are tied down to money, it’s better not fool around.

I tell you, i almost got scared to death.

Hey, relax, relax.

Slow down, slow down! Damn! Too fast! Go in! Go in! Don’t stay out in this lane! go in!!! You can’t stop outside.

And go in.

F***! Go in all the way.

No one stop first then go in.

Damn! i think i will die of anger!!! Do you feel you’re much awake now? i don’t even want to sleep now! i can’t sleep at all now! By the way, there are a bunch of Sakura trees here.

Let me show you.

Okay, stop.




We didn’t die.

F*** off! – Wanna see the videos? See your driving.

– No, no! Where is Lotteria? Nevermind, let’s find a place to park.

Look out for cars.

Okay, release.


How do you drive when you’re it’s Parked?.

– i know.

Cars are coming.

I’m fierce right? Listen, okay? Listen.

Listen carefully.

When you drive, you drive smoothly and stop.

It’s not.


Hmm?", "Okay, okay.

Hmm?" "Is the guy coming out? Should i wait here?".

If you do that, we’re all dead.

– Do you know it’s because i trust you? That’s why I’m seating here at the passenger seat.

– i know.

– Okay? Congrats, congrats.

– i know I’m very fierce, so sorry i have no choice.

– It’s okay.

I have no choice.

I have to make sure you get better.


You don’t even know how to take the key out!!! – I’m super worried.

– No.

– We’re dead.

Ladies and gentlemen as you can see, he’s driving skills.

Even though it’s just a bit rusty but then.

Please trust him, okay? Please trust him.

But then apparently right now the only one that doesn’t trust him is me.

Hang on a second.

I realize you have a long hair at the side.

– What hair? – Ever since you’re in Singapore no one pluck that hair off.

– It’s very irritating I’m plucking it.

– Oh, pluck it then.

Whoa, it’s long.

You see it? – Around my side burn? – Yeah.


Hopefully, after today, he’s driving skills will be better.

You’re just rusty, you do know the basics, you know? Yes.

Of course, I’m just rusty.

Have to scold you to trigger your skills.

Urgh! So i need to scold him a bit.

Let him wake up his idea first.

– Wake up, wake up.

– Wake up already or not? – I’m all awake! – Confirm? Confirmed yeah? And later you "boom"! So right now we’re gonna go to Lotte World.

Lotte World? Lotteria.

We gonna try to see whether if, i mean, that’s the thing.

We’re not sure whether if it’s here, but then we will go and check it out, then, yeah.

See you there.

We just finished parking our car.

And right now we’re heading towards the Lotteria which is.

Somewhere on the left.

I think this is the Lotteria you know? But it looks like it’s gone.

I f***ing think this is the Lotteria.

I’m serious.

I think this is the Lotteria.

Gps is not updated.

I’m so disappointed, f***! Oh there! It’s there! – Where? – Lotteria is right in front.

At least you brought us to the right place! Good job, good job.

Hi-five! – Six.

– Eh? – Ah, Bulgogi burger? – Yes.

– Set? – Set, two set.

Okay ladies and gentlemen, right now we just ordered the Lotteria.

Here in South Korea.

Busan, South Korea.

After 25 minutes of hell drive.

From my friend, David.

We survived the trip.

And this is just 25 minutes, later after this.

After this meal, we’re gonna drive for 2 f***ing hours.

So yes man, i trust him, i trust him.

Then, next thing i know, i wake up in hell.

So now we’re gonna wait for our burger.

Which we ordered the Bulgogi burger.

One set is about 5,400 won.

That’s about 8 to 9 Sing (sgd).

Which is the same price as McDonald’s.

I have no idea f***, why it’s so expensive, but anyway.

Gonna try their fast food restaurant.

– It’s not bad, I’ve tried it before.

– How special is it? It’s not bad, not too bad.

But of course, McDonald’s is better.

But this is from Lotte.

Lotte created the Lotteria, very smart.

Our food is here.

The Bulgogi Burger.

Are you ready to eat? Yes, sir! As always, for any fast food, you must eat the fries first.

So that you can finish the burger.

Cola? Pepsi.

I’m an idiot, right? It’s printed right here.

Glad you know that.

You’re dead later.

First Lotteria burger! i think the beef is alright.

Not very good.

You can tell it’s.

Low-quality meat.

The fries, a bit.

You can tell it’s cheap fries.

But then it’s cheap.

No actually, the price is about the same as McDonald’s.

Don’t be sad.

I’m not sad.

It’s just a few scoldings.

Yeah, just scoldings.

– Come on, don’t be sad! – I’m not sad! – You look like you’re gonna die.

– I’m not.

The bread is so soft.

Don’t you think so? You see, the bread is very soft.

The bread is like those bought in supermarkets.

Quality is lower than McDonald’s.

But it’s still nice.

The taste is not as good as the Quarter Pounder.

It’s actually nice, but then.

It’s little expensive don’t you think? The first stop at Tongyeong is this place called the Dongpirang village.

The "Dong" means the east.

"pirang" meaning hill, in a Tongyeong dialect.

Literally called the East Hill.

Drive will be about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Hopefully, nothing goes wrong.


So yeah, we will see you back at the car.

Wave them goodbye.

Good morning ~.