Eilat Israel

You learn how the dolphins behave, you learn about their personalities and they learn about you.

That’s how the friendship is created.

We love dolphins and here we prove that dolphins also love us.

Dolphins are very evolved animals, they are very curious and unique in their interaction with people.

The Dolphin Reef in Eilat is very special because the dolphins are not kept in an enclosure, they are free to swim in the open sea.

The can hunt fish by themselves and the whole idea behind this place is to show how to respect nature, how to respect a dolphin and how to respect the area it lives in.

I think people like dolphins because first of all, they remind us of us in a lot of ways, but in the water.

The way they travel in groups, the way they take care of each other.

Other than that, they have that constant smile on their faces that automatically makes us feel empathy towards them.

Their smooth movement in the water, their size, everything make us feel confidence around them.

We don’t only enjoy the dolphins and interact with them, we also do research.

Dolphins have a very elaborate social structure in which they convey information to each other and inside the pod.

One of the important things is, that when they talk, they know who’s talking and therefore they have their own names, which we call signature whistles.

A student of ours found that dolphins that died several years ago are mentioned by other dolphins.

We don’t know why they are mentioning it.

Are they remembering them? Are they telling stories? That’s all brand new for us.