Giza Egypt

Hello from new destination – egypt lol i speak Czech Hi from new.

Hello from.

I can’t say it greetings from Egypt we came in city of Luxor going to check out some ancient temples behind us is Karnak temple copmlex Egyptian Casanova between legs stands his last love of live last wife number 50.

He has 50 wifes and 155 children the first picture of love in whole world love of two Gods Kataleja and eRko kataleRko 😉 here’s memorial that you must take few circles around it if you circle 3 times you gonna find happiness 4 times means wealth and money and if you go five times you gonna have wedding let’s go eRko 3 times for luck chillout on boat this is how Egyptian Nile looks like we are sailing across beautiful "clean" river we just came from Valley of the Kings it’s awesome there is 64 tombs well preserved lots of colorful frescoes and paintings on wall and also famous Tutankhamun has here tomb unbelievable wealth has been stored here this temple i like the most it’s called Hatshepsut temple it’s great here wind is blowing we’re sunbathing very pleasant wearing socks next to pool this is my first everything is possible in Africa holiday in January may end like this but otherwise wellbeing in January starts main eggplant season in Egypt temperature won’t be ideal somethimg around 20°c – 25°c (68°f – 77°f) but for.

Eggplant lovers it’s enought :d one of the reason why you should visit Egypt in winter one of the reason why you should visit Egypt in winter is eggplant in Czech – lilek they are ready to prepare it milion methods how you can imagine probably it’s gonna be an eggplant season because lunch menu is: grilled eggplant deepfried eggplant and eggplant puree, my favourite and for raw diet of course eggplant like an apple another reason why to come in Egypt in winter is that you will save a lot of sun cream we brought three bad boys but won’t use them Dinner menu tomato baked with cheese and eggplant steamed eggplant feta cheese with eggplant grilled eggplant stuffed with onion, tomato and coriander and classic grilled eggplant glazed with balsamic vinegar wake up! The great Pyramids are waiting for us i hate you :d Hi there from our dream place The great Pyramids of Giza belonging to the only remaining ancient wonder of the world behind me three pyramids Pyramid of Menkaure Pyramid of Khafre Pyramid of Khufu and on the left side are three small pyramids they are align like Orion’s belt and located in middle of world behind my Pyramid of Khufu and right next are three small pyramids they were built for his mother, wife and daughter and we were inside the catacombs one of them last stop in Cairo is Sphinx that protects pyramids another dream fulfilled.