Guangzhou China

As i already told you in the last Video i will go together with Mike to China It’s Saturday morning, around 7:30 and we will take a train to China.

And what we experienced over there you can see in this video – Enjoy 🙂 Let’s go to China.

! We arrived in Guangzhou and went to a Thai Restaurant because Thai food is the best – we love it! So we went to a Thai Restaurant This is our Hotel, we stay at "Ramada Plaza" and this is how our room looks like Yeah.

Also welcome to my Vlog :d Now we wanna go to the City centre It is really insane, you can buy so many watches You can even produce your owan watch Amazing So when the shop keepers are not busy they are producing watches a really interesting place Mike, what do you think? Really interesting, especially when you see how cheap the watches are compared to the price at the retail shop For example: i have this original Fossil watch Retail price is around 120 Euro When i tell them they should produce 10 or 20 of these i can buy them for 10-12 € per piece.

Exactly the same watch – insane! We just finished watch shopping i hope we don’t have to go through this traffic jam We go back to our hotel – see you later After arriving in our hotel without any problems we just had a quick shower Now we drive to the Kanton Tower and how this looks you can see.

Now! We just arrived we we wanna go on top of this building.

Let’s go! This is the Kanton Tower.

With more than 400m is this the highest TV-tower of whole China.

It is quite cool but amazed me not that much.

If you are here you can do it once.

It’s also a little bit to bright inside, can’t do any good pictures it is a little pitty.

But next to it quite nice.

We will go to Bejing Lou which is a big shopping mall And what we are gonna do there you can see now a mountain of clothes – insane :d We are just bag to the hotel lobby Our train goes in one hour back to Hong Kong We did a lot of shopping, we have seen a lot of things, eaten several different things.

We got a lot of new experiences.

I hope you also like it, Mike?.

Of cause! And as always: with best regards from Hong Kong See you in the next Video, Rene will be joining, see you next week – bye :-).