Jakarta Indonesia

Hi everyone, it’s Kristy! In the last video we had just arrived in Jakarta and for the first couple of days we drove around the city So now here are some of the places where we went to Here we’re driving through Glodok, which is a Chinatown area in Jakarta There are a lot of vendors here and you can buy various wholesale items at the morning market or pasar pagi The cart passing by is called a garobak or wheeled wagon This one in particular is carrying garbage but they can also carry other items like fruits and vegetables And this is the Jakarta city train station Many people ride motorcycles here so sometimes on the road you’ll see large groups of motorcycles The blue looking car is called a bajaj This is an alternative to a taxi This isn’t the happiest place but here we are going to a cemetery On that day we went to visit my grandparents’ graves It was different from what I’ve seen in the u.


In this cemetery there were different sections based on the religion of the deceased so people are buried in a different area of the cemetery depending on whether they were Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, or another religion Here we were going to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah which is a park that shows the different cultures in Indonesia’s provinces This park has models of the homes in each of Indonesia’s provinces that show the different style of buildings In the middle of the park there is a lake that has a miniature version of the islands in Indonesia There are also many museums, monuments, and other areas in the park that you can visit Here we are going on the gondola or cable car ride to see the different areas of the park and to see the miniature islands from up in the air And here is the reptile museum which looks like a komodo dragon because why not? Thanks for watching! If you like this video please leave a like or comment or subscribe if you want to see more videos of my trip Bye!.