Kaunas Lithuania

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my channel! And welcome if you are new! And welcome to Kaunas in Lithuania! i arrived yesterday but it was quite late and dark so i didn’t film anything.

Let me show you what the weather is today.

Look at this.

So this is a street and across the street there are buildings.

You can hardly see them.

Now i can actually see a little bit so on the left there is a fire station and on the right there’s an apartment building.

But when i woke up i couldn’t see absolutely anything.

It’s that foggy.

Look at the snow! How cool is that! i haven’t been home in winter for like 5 years now.

So i hope it’s going to stay until tomorrow which is Saturday.

And it would be nice to make a snowman.

So let’s go! Alright.

So my goal is to get here where 2 rivers (Neris and Nemunas) connect together.

And at the moment i am somewhere around here because the castle is just behind me.

And i am going to go straight.

One river.

Second river.

Ah, here you go.



Neris and Nemunas.

I’m not going to go anywhere closer because it’s way too slippery.

I am in Rotušės aikštė which in English would be Town Hall Square.

Yeah, and there’s still Christmas tree here even if it’s end of January right now.

So right now i am in Laisvės alėja which in English would be Freedom Avenue.

And this is a pedestrian street.

And in summer it’s really lovely because in a middle there are 2 rows of trees and it’s really nice.

So let me show you what you can find here.

One interesting thing you can find in Lithuania as well is very very decorative crosses.

I’m not sure how much you can see because they kind of blend in with trees.

If you are looking for a very interesting and unique museum this is the one to visit.

Devil’s Museum.