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I am living in Mumbai from many years still i didn’t know this place existed.

Hello everyone and welcome back to World and Sumeet.

I am in Worli, Mumbai and the building behind me is Nehru center named after the first Prime minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru.

And i was actually invited here for a Health and Wellness Expo arranged by Times of India Here it is.

I am actually waiting for a friend.

She is going to show me around Worli.

I think she is not going to come.

I’ll have to explore on my own.

Come with me.

Worli is one of the most famous places in Mumbai and quite expensive.

There are pretty interesting places to see around.

Just next to Nehru Center, there is Nehru Planetarium.

It has a dome theater.

It features shows about the cosmos.

And also, there is Nehru Science center.

And it is India’s largest interactive science center.

Well i cannot shoot videos inside it.

But it is interesting i am telling you.

You must visit it.

I am walking now to Worli fort.

It was built by British in 1675.

This little fort was built to keep an eye over the sea.

Now it has a good view of the famous Bandra Worli Sea link.

I am living in Mumbai from many years still i didn’t know this place existed.

I didn’t know there is a fort at Worli.

Just when you get down to Worli from Bandra Worli Sea link you will reach Worli Sea face.

It is a good place to hangout with friends in evening.

Not now.

It is hot afternoon.

You will literally melt.

If you walk more towards south there are galleries, sports academies and some colleges there.

There is also Sardar Patel indoor sports arena.

There is Mahalakshmi Race Course where horse racing used to happen and rich people’s gambling.

I don’t know.

Wait a minute.

That building there.

It is just one person’s house.

"antilla" House of a billionaire, Ambani.

That place behind me is Haji Ali Dargah.

I used to pass from this road many times i used to see that place but i never went in.

Today i will.

It is built on an islet little off the coast.

It was built in 1431.



What the hell were u thinking then? It is built in the name of a Muslim merchant Sayyed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari.

Just walk a little more towards South and you will reach one of Mumbai’s most famous temples Mahalakshmi temple.

I have just been to Mahalakshmi temple.

They didn’t allow me to shoot inside.

But i will give you a little info about it.

It was built by a hindu merchant named Dhakji Dadaji in 1831.

<phone ring> Wait a minute.

Yes hello.

Where are you? So you can’t come.

It’s okay.

I have already seen Worli.

With whom? with my Youtube viewers.

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See you in the next video.

Till then take care.