Nagoya Japan

We have spent about a week, walking downward from the Nagano prefecture towards Nagoya.

During which time, we met a little crab; saw the wind steal our tent and enjoyed drinks at the river.

At long last we have arrived at our room here.

Our destination was Osaka, since that will be where our plane will depart.

However, since we still have a little over a month left in our journey we decided to take a small detour.

We will make our way towards Lake Biwa and a small lake along the way.

And then return through Kyoto and Osaka, so we can explore these cities as well.

But first.

Our time in Nagoya.

We finally remembered to shoot some footage of the room we were staying at.

And of course we have some food shots Since we can usually only cook with our camping gear we always look forwards to trying meals that we wouldn’t be able to prepare without staying at a room.

Fancy meals.

And fluffy snacks of course.

Ssssssuper fluffy *deadpan stare at the camera* We also worked on our intro jingle while we were here.

Bakapakingu Japan~~ Through.

Japanese! Tidbits~~~ That one was nice.

Yeah pretty cool.

Despite our snacking we made time to munch some famous Nagoya hotwings.

Gnawed them clean to the bone.

We also roamed the city a bit.

Exploring our area and trying to find nice shops.

On the morning we left the room we visited Nagoya castle.

Really awesome to see, and we’ll show you just how awesome in a tidbits video.

Then we had some Japanese Mos burgers.

And were off to find a smaller town.

We chose Asahi because there seemed to be a nice amount of forest nearby.

Our plan was to leave on time, so we could set up camp in daylight.

But as all plans tend to, our plan seemed doomed by the time we got on the train.

As daylight slowly faded, we made our way to the peaceful countryside.

We arrived after sunset and set our direction to the nearest mountains.

After some exploring we spotted a narrow trail straight up the mountain.

We chanced upon some bamboo for the hammocks and a soft field of grass for the tent.

Sooo, yesterday we found some real bread, or at least what’s left of it.

Pretty good After we finished breakfast, we donned our backpacks once more.

And made our way towards the next promising lake.

In a hundred yen shop along the way we found this awesome collection of name stamps.

In japan, it’s customary to sign official documents with a red [ink] name stamp.

And this was the collection of those kanji stamps, for the most common family names.

So awesome.

So many.

We continued our journey and eventually made it to the lake.

The whole thing was fenced of and seemed pretty tamed and off limits.

Just what we’re used to from Japan.

But the surrounding bamboo forest made more than up for it.

Not to even mention the cool locals.

:3 We set up camp early and had planned to leave early as well You only have to back your bags.

Dude~ It’s gone.

All in my bag.

And look at Erik.

Begin lazy all day.

We started making our way to the nearest food shop.

And after asking we were lucky enough to have electricity for some captions work on the laptop.

Good stuff We finished up the last video and started making our way to Kuwana.

Of course always keeping in mind our lovely scenic shots.

We spotted a sushi restaurant there, on Google Maps.

So we had our very first taste of Japanese conveyor belt sushi that evening.

They had lovely green tea powder and hot water at the table to accompany our sushi.

Get it, get it, get it.

Nah, it’ll move on.

Will you get it? We tried a bunch of different fish and concluded the evening with tasty ice cream dessert.

Almost makes you want to play pachinko, doesn’t it.

We ended up energized enough to walk for a few hours after dark.

And eventually found the Kuragari shrine, which had a nice flat field of trees behind it.

After some searching around with out headlights on and trying to avoid all the spiderwebs in our faces.

We managed to find the perfect spot.

The following morning we wanted to pack up early, since we were quite close to the buildings.

We met a lady coming up the shrine only a few minutes after we crawled out of the bushes.

🙂 We washed up a little at the dragon water basin; dried our faces in the morning sun and set out for Inabe.

Free food.

♫ As we walk in fields of gold ♫ Pompman Yet another temple.

*super excited* We made it to Inabe and found ourselves a food plaza It’s like a giant mochiball with some beans 🙁 yam yam it’s the spork :d We ate our fill and continued on towards the "camp store" for some new burning alcohol.

So we could camp on.

And on.

And on.

And on.

*purr* :3 We are just as tired.

Shake it, shake it.

Like a polaroid picture~~ Shake it, shake it.

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