Salvador Brazil

People understand something bringing peace in their lives and you can be part of this magic wherever you are.

Prem Rawat in Salvador, Brazil i am very happy to be here.

I was eager to come and.

And to talk about this feeling.

I hoped this would happen in February.

Supposed to go to India but he did not go.

Then i told him to come in March.

But finally we are here April month and i am happy about it.

And i am even more i talk about this issue, for this beauty, i, personally.

I do not know about you, but i am glad.

Because when you take a look at your life, what you got; What you got; At ninety-nine percent, ninety-nine percent consists of oxygen, hydrogen, calcium, coal, nitrogen and phosphorus.

At ninety-nine percent.

So when you fall in love, you fall in love? Hydrogen? Coal? Calcium? What? What you got; All day, be, exist and you have this body.

The observe.

You talk to it.

You listen to it.

You see to it.

Touch with it.

That too someday will be gone.

Not that good.

Not that bad.

Just so it is.

A long time ago, a very famous scientist He said something.

It was Einstein.

And you know what he said? He said: "Everything, all" He did not say the word "all" so many times.

But: "Everything, All, and i mean all We have created.

Someday They will be destroyed.

" Now, get up in the morning, you get your newspaper.

You take a cup of coffee, sit at the table and relax.

You start your day.

You think really that time.

That: "Everything you have created will be destroyed"? No! No! At night, have you ever look up.

To see the stars? The sun; The moon; You do not see the sun at night, but you know it’s there.

That’s why the moon shines.

It belongs to the category of things created? Yes.

Not only the sun, not only the moon, not just the Earth.

But the entire universe!.

And all the universes, which not even know, They are destined to be destroyed.

And i ask again, who are you? Because you think you know who you are.

When i came here, i had my passport.

Passport Control to give your passport.

The look.

Look at the photo.

After looking at me.

The same person? Ok.

Your wife sees you.

"oh, he’s my husband.

" Your child sees you: "He is my father!" Your brother sees you: "He is my brother.

" This is you; This is you; This morning, i had a call on Skype.

Someone told me two days ago: "Someone wants to talk to you.

" "Ok.

Who is; And why;" "It is such and such.

And dies.

And he wants to talk to you.

" So i said: "Okay, today is an appropriate day.

I’ll make it".

So today i got up.

I thought: "Okay, i made this conversation.

" And immediately i thought: "What to say.

To someone.

Who dies? What to say? What to tell him? " Knows.

He knows that dies.

The doctor said: "Finally.

" He feels pain, it feels weak.

It happens.

So i began to think: "What would you say?" i think, i think, while i drink my coffee and i think, i think.

"bing!" You know what was the "duty" to me? "We all die! And I’m dying.

Say what you will say to everyone ".

These the data; He is the father.

The mother.

The famous cook.

The great painter, the great writer.

They live here.


The soil was returned to the soil.

But there is something belonging to infinity inside you.

That too who is the infinite in you, remains infinity forever.

Because it is the only thing who never created and never be destroyed.

Well, what do you to like me so much? Your recommend to infinity within you.

People in recommending this.

I recommend it to something else.

And so i say: "That is true.

While this is not.

" Know, understand the reality; Well, let’s go back.

And tell you.

That just now, a drop fell.

In India, yes in South Africa, yes In America, yes.

In Japan, yes.

In Hawaii, yes.

In Australia, yes.

In Africa, yes.

And this drop fell and fell once and fell once, and fell once, and fell once.

And the result.

That is created, created rushing rivers in each of these continents.

A drop fell.

And another, and another, and another, and another, and created the Amazon.

Create Ganges.

Created the raging Colorado.

The Rhine.

So, it’s time and left.

He came and went, He came and left.

As those drops created rivers, these moments created.

The times create the river is called "life.

" When the Ganges flows, brings water in arid areas.

It enables people to travel, to cultivate the land.

Make fertile lands to bring the birds to settle.

Carries fertile soil in places where needed.

And all rivers finally joined by the ocean whereby they started.

A river So do many things.

The river of your life what is he doing; What is he doing; Creates views? Opinions; Likes me, what does? "Think!" That should do; Generates ideas? Ideas; There’s this famous painting depicting God with outstretched finger toward the man.

I watched the other day and i said, "Did God say: ‘Watch people.

You will do all sea ‘.

" Because this would be the correct interpretation.

This is happening today.

The world has become: "Me, me, me.

" There is a river anymore! There is a river anymore! People kill each other! Why; Why; We respect each other? No! Why; Why; Why do not respect each other? Because to you respect each other must first respect yourself.

If you do not respect yourself you can not you respect each other.

You respect yourself? No.

No! No! Someone tells you: "God is furious with you.

"god is furious with you.

" Syngnomin? It is possible to pass such a thought from your mind? "Furious".

This is typical human trait.

He was once a man.

And he was absolutely completely given to God.

Every day he prayed and prayed and prayed.

He did all that he dictated his religion.

One day he realized that his neighbor though an atheist who does not believe in God He has a great job wonderful husband beautiful wife beautiful house.

Beautiful children.

While he has almost nothing! The house is a mess dripping water inside every time it rains.

The children did not hear him.

His wife Then he turns to the shops, do not cook, do not do anything.

One day praying.

Into the deep contrition says: "Lord love you so much.

I pray to you every day.

I believe in you! From morning till night i pray and pray.

And i have nothing! My wife is rarely home.

My kids do not listen.

While my neighbor.

He has an amazing wife.

His cooks, takes care of the house.

The house is amazing.

Children’s wonderful.

Why! How is this done? Suddenly heard a loud voice from heaven: "Because it bothers me all day!" So here another human trait.

Its funny.

Its funny.

Why is it funny? Why is it funny? It’s funny because it describes a God too human.

Too human.

God must be a little human.

Not too human.

Must have the ability to get angry, but not seriously.

Let’s understand one thing.

This deity It has such a level of generosity which is unlike any other.

He has given and has given and what does not give! a lot of things has given! You have given the beautiful planet Earth.

He has given the moon.

You have given the ability to see the stars.

It has given the ability to feel pleasure.

He has given the ability to feel happiness.

He has given the gift breathing again and again and again and again.

This generosity It is unparalleled.

That you recognize? You see that? You see it in this way? Do you understand what that means? Because someday the river will stop flowing.

But the rolls It should express its potential, what really is beauty the joy of clarity his understanding the gratitude its uniqueness.

And it must be true every day without exception.

Not a day, not an hour but every day You must be located in this passion in this love which stems not from here, out of mind but from here, from the heart.

Why not from the mind? And because of the heart? Because this, the mind, can not distinguish the real from the fake.

Then laugh all the time.

All the time You’re at the airport.

Expect a taxi.

You have your luggage.

Someone is throwing in something fine land.

He asks: "Are these yours?" This here, the mind sees the money stoops to pick up.

The thief takes the suitcase and disappears.

This does not know.

Aa! Pretending to know.

But he does not know.

If the mind knew do you think there will ever divorce? e? Do you think there will ever divorce? No! Because they say: "I love you!" "I love you!" The priest says: "Do you accept this man as legitimate wife until death do you? " And what this says? With a small tear and a small trembling lips: "Yes i do!" Six months? "Outside my home!" What happened to that little tear? What happened to the trembling of the lips? What happened: "Our love;" Tobacco! The mind then it does.

Go home.

And when you arrive, opened the closet.

And see if there is something you do not wear it anymore.

And when you find it, what is the reason you do not wear it? Your mind said: "It goes much what you! Ah, he too "goes to you.

Now that you bought, your mind says, "No, no good.

" What happened; The whole world dances in mind pace.

It is ok.

No problem.

No problem.

No problem.

No problem enough to know the difference between the heart and the mind.

The heart You can not cheat.

The brain It refers to the heart: "Oh, it’s from my heart.

From the bottom of my heart".

But the heart never mentioned in mind: "From the depths of my mind.

" When! According to the mind because you have knowledge because you have knowledge you are important.

And because you are important You got free Being rude, to be bad to the others.

In the kingdom of the heart there is no reason Being rude or bad to anyone.

The brain sees differences.

The heart sees the resemblance.

"you are alive.

I am alive.

You’re human.

I am human".

Earlier this year, i thought something.

Try it.

It works.

Believe me, it works.

Just try it.

When you go home, try it.

Five seconds paradise.

Only five seconds.

If you have children at home try to give them five seconds paradise.

Only five seconds.

Begin with five.

You wife? Five seconds paradise.

You wife? Five seconds paradise.

What would five seconds paradise for a husband? This is amazing.

There is an extensive breakfast.

What can you offer a restaurant.

It is to listen to him.

For five seconds.

What was five seconds paradise for your wife? If your wife is young and beautiful, you think you are the jewels? For jewelry, she can marry someone else.

Listen other! Listen to him.

And for your children? What do you think would please your children? Sure the games, right? No.


Your friend.

Listen to him.

When koufathikate and stopped listening? If you are a student which would be for the teacher to five seconds paradise? Listening to him.

If you are a teacher and you want to offer five seconds paradise for the student? We have two ears.

And we do not use any.

We have two! And it is always open! But we the close.

Five seconds paradise for citizens would be if politicians.

Not the eyes! Are the ears! Nobody uses them anymore! They use everything else.

But this is what makes the difference.

And day you want five seconds paradise for yourself, listen to your heart and you get these five seconds paradise.

The list is not long.

Asks only to be accomplished.

Be Fulfilled! to be in true joy.

Have tasted have seen the Divine, because it was so close to you.

To you.

Not out there.

But here, in you.

That was not the oxygen and hydrogen and calcium and the carbon and nitrogen and phosphorus.

But it was the Divine that you loved.

Then, on that day you you will be free.

Free! That day will you dance with the Divine.

That day you will understand what is the reality.

That day you will understand What is the truth.

And all will acquire meaning.

It will make sense.

Not an explanation.

No no no -but will make sense.

That is the day you understand what is respect.

That is the day will become man.

Man! Many people, many people seeing someone: "Oh, you’re just a man.

" What is the value of the box? What is the value of the box? If i get a carton -pao and buy.

And costs two dollars.

Two reals.

What’s It Worth? Maybe go to McDonald and i order fries and eat the potatoes, and then left the package the fries.

How much is worth the package? What do the most people? The fly, right? So what would you say is the value of? Almost nothing.

Now, take the same package and take the diamond Kochinour one of the largest diamonds.

Put it in the box MacDonald for French fries.

What is the value this box? For as there is the diamond, what is the value of the box? So is.

I did not rule.

What is the value? It’s priceless! Now! If removing the diamond? What is the value? Almost nothing again.

If we put the diamond back in? What is the value? Priceless.

Pull it back out.

What is the value? Nothing.

Put it back in again.

What is the value? Priceless.

You understood? Not the box! It’s what’s inside the box that makes the difference.

This is the box.

This is the box.

And what is the value? Who is she; Well, it depends.

What is in him? What is in him? The Divine.

What is the value of the Divine? Who is she; Thanks to this Divine is all gold of the universe.

Thanks to Divine each drop of water every person oxygen each hydrogen molecule It has existence.

Thanks to this the infinite there is anything.

It is beyond every perception the value of the Divine.

You, then, how precious you are? How valuable are you? You’re priceless.

As the Divine is here, it is invaluable.

When the Divine gone? Nothing deserve.

I find it weird.

Not knowing how to respect yourself.

Something is wrong.

Something is wrong.

And i know what is wrong.

You see only the box, not what lies within.

The day will recognize what is inside of – this will be the day that even the idea of ​​peace will begin to make sense.

You tell people: "Peace.

" They say: "Eh! What peace? How can there be peace? " Brilliant! This might say all there is? What choice do we have? We eplogi? Continuing what is happening in the world today, the human race will cease to exist.

Destroying itself! Destroying itself! Why a man kills another man? Neither knows! Because not even know the man who is about to kill! Standing away.

They have given him a weapon.

He lifts his gun, pointing.

He says: "I have achieved one!" Boom! And the man is dead.

These are.

Signs of intelligent people? Sorry, but no it is not! In the old days things were different.

Fighting the king.

They need to restore it.

If the president wants war must come first on the battlefield.

Go into battle.

And then you will see a change! "Em! But.

No, we.

" You see it when you all become saints.

"no, we will not be fighting each other.

But to talk.

" What is the point in having all these languages? What is the point in having all these languages? What is the point in having all these dictionaries? What is the point in having grammar.

If not you can discuss? what? You can not debate! Not discuss with each other! Why do not you can discuss with another man? Because they will not listen.

You will not hear! So, the day you understand.

-and why it is so important Knowing your life the Divine! Because surrounds.

Below you, above you, inside you, outside you there is a beautiful dance This Divine.

Or learn to dance this dance, or a day, the river will stop flowing.

What evil is to stop flowing river? No.

Except one.

You can not do what could you have done when you were alive.

Do so many.

To be alive! You work to have to eat.

You have a house to stay.

You do so much for you to be alive! Yet not understand what it means to be alive.

What’s the point? What’s the point? This world is in the same situation with the donkey that he was returning around the well again and again again and again around the well and hated.

I pray every day: "I hope when you make my blinders, to lies elsewhere.

" This very accustomed to India and some of the Middle Eastern countries have a bull or a donkey turning around the well and be tied to buckets that are between the gears.

Rotate the wheel, making circles all day.

To avoid distraction, covers his eyes.

So just circling.

Surely thinking: "You’ve come a long way.

Surely i have escaped.

" Just make the blinders: "Oops.

I’m still in the same place.

" Do you think the state of the world is like? "A! Education! So we are educated, the world will be better.

" i am not against education.

But there are more schools now than ever.

There are more universities now than ever.

There is the famous "World Wide Web" the largest source of information ever.

There are more books now than ever.

Now there are more wars than ever.

Fifty percent! People ask: "How to.

? You speak of the Divine, talk about life.

But there are people who are hungry out there! " Is not that right; You want to hear statistics? Fifty percent of world production of food is thrown away! Fifty percent of the feed cultivated tossed! There are people who are hungry and fifty percent of discarded food.


Whom to blame is why? "Let’s blame God!" How convenient! If you blame your neighbor? Can a whip.

"no! Not me! "Blame God? No problem.

Fifty percent of food is thrown away! How smart are we? Like technology? It can save fifty per cent of the food.

The technology is what disables the fifty percent of the food! What happens to a chicken.

Who speaks English? What happens to a chicken who speaks English? Something strange.

It is peculiar.

"oh my God".

No longer allowed to be chicken.

The chicken must speak like chicken.

We are not God.

And we have to stop pretending that we are.

We are people, vessels.


Not the Divine.

Arrived the time to understand ourselves.

As Socrates said: "Know thyself".

Thousands of years ago! Yet we have not done.

He reached the fullness of time.

He reached the fullness of time To understand the Divine within us.

The world is not the problem.

We are.

The earth produces more than enough food for us all.

But we we all have a magic wand.

Like Cinderella fairy small.

We all have a magic wand.

But our magic wand is not so good.

It is the stick of greed.

Whatever touches destroys.

He reached the fullness of time, the fairy to put aside the stick for a while and start acting.

With consciousness, understanding with understanding of self.

Start with observance for you for your fellow man on Earth.

But they all starts with you.

You are the drop, The source of this river.

You are the container which has within the divine.

You’re so lucky.

You’re incredibly lucky.

Now they knew.

Do not believe it.


This is what i say: "Do not believe me.

" You see, i am able to say this.

There are many people who can say that.

If the politicians start to say: "Do not believe me" They would have a problem.

If the religious authorities say: "Do not believe me," there would be trouble.

I; I’m not a fan of the "I".

I want to know.

And you ought to know.

So i say: "Do not believe me.

" i know what i know.

And then you know what i am talking about.

She, this is my strength! i say: "Do not believe me.

" People are surprised: "Oh!" i wish not to believe me.

I really hope not to believe a word! Contrary to say: "I need to know!" And if you say in your life: "you have to know!" would you be so filled with peace, you would not have believed how much you would have peace in your life.

And i use the word "I".

But you need not believe me.

Know yourself.

To feel peace.

It is possible to feel peace, as you are alive, in the midst of war.

Because the war going on out there.

It starts from the mind, and go there.

Peace begins in the heart.

Not from the mind.

From the heart.

And when it occurs in the heart, It goes everywhere.

The peace, Joy.

That’s why i came to Salvador! to talk for joy in your life, peace in your life.

These are those who always consider unattainable.

And i tell you that these are things that are possible.

Feasible! End of story.

This is! If you know what this is.


It is not necessary to demonstrate this, neither do you prove something to me.

In this river, We keep in touch.

We keep in touch.

Tonight came here.


Be heard.

And i in my life, wherever you go, i try to listen.

And someday, perhaps You want to talk to me.

And i pray, i hope to be there to hear.

Because it only needs.

Even with closed eyes you can hear.

And if you listen, you will understand.

Thank you very much for coming.

Already i talked for over an hour.

I think sleep will take all of us here.

Enjoy your life, enjoy every moment you have.

As this river flows, you’re the king! You’re the queen! You’re the Emperor, Empress, As this river flows, be the magic of the Divine.

Embrace – not hate – embraced peace.

Embrace the joy.

Embrace life.

Embraced the Divine.

And you will be free! Free.

Thank you very much.

Good night.

Thank you.