San Diego California

I have no clue, why my face is so red, but I’m starting a new video anyway.

Hi everyone I’m traveling somewhere for the weekend, San Diego this time and i wanted to go there in February to escape the "cold" weather but now it’s going to be raining in San Diego and cold as well i thought i could’ve jumped into the sea.


I have 1,5h left until i have to be at the airport I’ll meet Julia at the airport at 9.

30pm, our plane leaves a little after 11pm and so I’m just waiting a bit i have packed i think, i got everything, i don’t know but – we’ll see and I’m not gone for two weeks so everything’s fine and i stop talking now and I’m excited and taking you with me and this time there are English subtitles so everyone can watch my videos not only the Germans and maybe even the Germans that don’t understand me, for whatever reason see you soon i can’t believe it, when you actually need a Starbucks, there is none unbelievable at this airport, which is really pretty by the way (big letters are going to be explained later 😉 ) i think it looks really good, what do you think? Looks good!.

There is no Starbucks for the poor Aupairs.

Two minutes, but is it still open? j: i think so We’re about to check in in half an hour not checking in.

Boarding and then we start! And not only I’m having red cheeks, Julia also has red cheeks see you later Look at that, really really.

J: Look at that bun!.

Really nice hair j: Oh hey, are you filming? of course now we’re finally on the airplane, last row very nice.

Hopefully we’re leaving soon, i wanna start no, i don’t wanna start, i wanna be there and, so.

I keep saying see you soon when i finish a clip i need to come up with something else see you later is silly, too don’t know so, I’m fine, Julia isn’t unfortunately, i wish i could do something j: you probably can’t hear anything.

No, you can’t, but there are subtitles, so that’s ok we’ll be landing soon – whoop whoop! finally we arrived, well not quite, but we landed and we’re fine Right? j: Yeah! finally we’re here in our really, really, really pretty room I’ll be filming a room tour what i only need to be turning around once for because the room is so small but it looks so pretty door – wow, a door! bed my lovely company closet that’s nicer than a hotel.

Good morning! Did you just clear your throat to have a nice voice on this video? We’re having breakfast and then we leave – and it’s not raining, luckily j: My hair is just annoying me.

Alright, you just said that "live" little break How long have we been here? j: 2 hours? No, more, it’s 12.

30 already j: Almost three.

Three hours.


Can you please not interrupt me? Thank you.

And we’ve seen half of it means we stay another three hours approximately But it’s pretty, isn’t it? Kudos to the architects of the San Diego Zoo it’s really pretty truly pretty and i noticed that in my videos, every other word is pretty I’d really appreciate some suggestions in the comments i can surely think of some myself but I’m just too lazy right now After a quick rain shower, we’re at the Balboa Park and have no idea where we have to go but back there it looks like that’s something worth seeing but there are no signs and the smart Germans have to figure out theirselves to get there somehow because this way is closed, we must go around it (#smartgermans) What was that?! j: Nooo way! Nooo way! When you scare the sh** out of yourself by turning on the selfie-mode, you better just leave it It’s 7:22, day 1 is over now, we’re having Vietnamese food we’re having a nice view and then we drive to the Joshua Tree National Park, spend the night there and we’ll see it tomorrow see you later maybe, if not – see you tomorrow good morning, it’s Sunday February 19th as you can see, the sun is shining into our pretty Airbnb room i slept extremely badly, we went to bed at 11pm, i fell asleep at 2am and woke up 5.


J: What? i have to tell you something soon, i just don’t get San Diego, I’m filming a little room tour That’s it, I’m hungry, have to have breakfast and then we go see the Joshua Tree j: Do you want to tell something? Are you filming? j: Yes i am, do you wanna tell something? i just think that’s really pretty over there Hi, can everybody just look at this? That’s really pretty Now she’s holding the phone right in front of my mouth so i can’t talk What do we wanna tell? We’re getting breakfast at Starbucks – surprise.

And then we go see the Joshua Tree National Park i think i said that ten times by now See ya! What the he** is this music actually? j: You can start.

We just had a spontaneous photoshoot at this Joshua Tree sign j: Looks really pretty, can you actually see that? Yes, i think a little bit Can that man in the radio stop interrupting me? and we have 15 minutes more to go and then we’re there is there not a party song maybe? no, that’s advertisement.

Too bad j: We have to go this way, that’s where we came from Yes, you’re right.

You’re really smart! Use your brain, you can do that, too! oh, thanks! It’s coming soon.

Where’s my microphone? Don’t know what he’s singing now.

This is really fake wildness.

I wanna climb something j: Let’s go a little further.

Of course I’m wearing pale pants today.

The dirt is pale, too, you’re fine Do you think that’s spiny? j: Touch it.

Ooooh that’s cute! Is it alive.

? It’s not really smart to film in the selfie-mode with the steps.

J: You can give me the camera I’m going to fall so badly.

No I’m good you have to have a different camera angle now and then so it doesn’t get boring I’m not going to say the word i usually say.

J: Isn’t that preeettyyyy? I’m taken for a ride by my charming company.

I guess she walks home Wait, how many kilometers did we hike up here? 2,5? j: 1,5 miles 1,5 miles, must be around 2,5km Wanna wave?.

We hiked up to the 49 Palms and it’s so pretty because it’s sunny and windy and it’s really pretty See, again! pretty! pretty.

Oh damn it.

Anyway, I’ll show you j: Okay guys, Alisa wants to tell you something Really, i do? i don’t know what to say.

Other than it’s pretty! j: It’s beautiful, for real! j: Just take a look at this! Now Julia is going to do my job.

Hellooooo? Hellooo?! old food.

What does she sing after that? What’s in between quarter after one and i need you now? j: As if i knew the lyrics.

But that’s why you sing, you know the lyrics? so, now you have to wear your jacket again because it’s terribly windy There she runs after she took a photo of a cactus We drive back to San Diego although there would’ve been plenty more things to see here i could’ve been so frightened by that so i could’ve also dropped my phone but we drive back now because we wanna see the Church of Jesus Christ j: Jesus! Jesus! and go see the beach.

Dear God.

Sorry, i know you shouldn’t say that and then we fly home see you Starbucks – they all have a drive-through (wow, Alisa) I’m just passing really quickly.

Unfortunately, unfortunately.

I really think it’s a shame, but we didn’t make it to the Jesus Christ Church we’ll go straight to the airport, return our car and hope that everything works with the boarding not like it was when we came here and then we go home to San Francisco How did you like it, Julia, our pretty weekend? j: Really pretty She did that on purpose! i have to think about taking her again.

J: But it was really great, i really enjoyed it It was really pretty, impressive and.

Home we go! Our flight is delayed.

Instead of 7.

35pm we leave 8.



It can always get later i don’t get home that late, but Julia does and I’m really sorry for her but that’s just how it goes.

Oh there is 35 already.

Then we just wait a little bit I’m tired our flight still seems to have the same delay (she made me laugh by saying: damn it, that’s freaking spicy) but we didn’t even start boarding yet, so i don’t think that we’re getting on that plane now because San Francisco says No, you can’t come.

They don’t want us anymore.

But we’re having a lot of fun actually by using a dating-app and analyzing the population of San Diego that is also using that app and it is so much fun, right? j: The guys are a lot hotter than in San Francisco! That’s what she said.

But i agree no, it’s true i have a new match – for her! Seriously, i swear! It’s just her type and it’s too bad that she’s not on Facebook that’s why i do this for her, because I’m such a friendly person i mean, a long distance relationship to San Diego is not bad, is it? It’s what you always dreamed of anyway, i wanna go home home, home Finally we’re on the airplane, but we didn’t leave yet I’m sad i say that I’m sad and she’s laughing, i seriously have to think about if I’m going to take her with me again No, I’ll take you every time and every where! j: Somehow we’ll get home j: Do you wanna blow in my ear or so? Do you wanna blow.

I’d love to blow in your ear! but now I’m done with filming because we finally arrived the road trip is over and I’m going to be picked up, have something to eat and go to bed it was an honor to travel with you j: Was an honor for me, too oh, wait, where do we have to go? Up? j: Restrooms.

Ah restrooms, right See you soon!.