San Salvador El Salvador

If you do a search on Google or El Salvador on Youtube, What results do you get? Do you get positive news from there? Do you get astonishing results videos of this small country in Central America? Or do not you search for everything you’ve heard of El Salvador is that only bad things happen there.

I recently traveled to El Salvador and took my camera, because i wanted to show the world that El Salvador is very different from what the media and people portray him to be.

I wanted to show the world that is no longer there to fear, and it has become a very different country, i want to show the world that El Salvador is the hidden gem of the world.

Share this video and show the world this hidden gem!.

Now we are with.

What’s your name? Brodie! He is from Canada, and tell me what you think of Playa El Tunco? It’s very nice, I’m here for surfing, it’s all i know at this time.

I’m trying to learn Spanish here, and everything is very cute, i have been here since morning and I’m excited to get up here tomorrow.

How long can you stay on the beach? i think five days.

I’m traveling from Costa Rica to Belize How long are you in Central America? 35 days i will be in Central America and El Tunco have dedicated 5 days will be the most i will enjoy.

And Like you take lots of pictures? Yes! 50 Gb memory.

Trying to remember.

And you like to put your photos on instagram.

And tell me: Do you practice surfing? It is hard for me because i live in central Canada, but whenever i can, i do.

¿will visit another part of El Salvador? i think I’ll stay all the time alone in El Tunco.

We are in Santa Ana, if you want, you can go.

It is a historic city and is very nice because it has lots of colonial architecture and.

Enjoy El Salvador! i would, but i travel very fast and this is the place where I’ll stay longer.

I hope you enjoy a lot.

That well, take care and enjoy.