St Petersburg Russia

Hey what’s up travel peeps, it’s Ashley Renne from Travel Lushes and i was in need of a winter escape.

I do not do well in winter weather.

Oh God, it’s so cold.

It’s like 55 degrees here.

So i got in my car and i just did a 6 and a half hour drive and i came down to St.

Petersburg and the first thing on my agenda of course is to come to the beach because i really really needed some warm weather.

I needed to feel the sun, so i am on Treasure Island and i am at Sunset Beach, so I’m going to show you around St.

Petersburg and I’m going to show you what you could actually do here in this city if you ever want to visit.

After watching the sunset, i grabbed a friend and drove over to the nearby city of Tampa to do some peddling and some drinking.

We hopped aboard Kraken Cycleboats, the only pedal-powered tour boat in Florida.

We drank, we pedaled, and we watched the city of Tampa light up the night sky.

I’m on a boat! I’m on a boat! Hello guys, i just arrived at my very cute little hotel called the Birchwood and I’m actually super excited because you know i love cute little boutique hotels and the photos of this hotel looked really really super cute online so I’m about to go look at my room and see what it looks like.

Here we go.

I’m ready, let’s see.

Oh yeah, it’ definitely looks just as cute in person as it does online.

This is adorable.

Oh my gosh.

Look at this cute little hotel room you guys.

It’s so fancy schmancy.

Look at the bathtub, it looks so fancy.


Also at this hotel is a popular rooftop bar with amazing cocktails, food, and fire pits for those slightly cooler winter nights.

It’s a rooftop and fire pit kind of night.

So St.

Petersburg may be a small little town, but it is a small little town filled with a lot of hidden little gems.

Like for example, i just found this really cute Italian market called Mazarro’s.

It’s filled with Italian wines, Italian cheeses, it’s got fresh bread, it’s got gelato, gourmet coffee, there are tons of amazing little Italian delights in this wonderful hidden gem of an Italian market, so if you come to St.

Petersburg, i definitely recommend coming to Mazarro’s if you want an authentic Italian experience that i would never have expected to find in St.

Petersburg, Florida.

Now there are lots of ways to explore St Pete.

You can do it by foot, car, bike, and of course by boat, and i did a little of everything.

By foot, i walked around and checked out the street art scene, which if you follow me on Instagram, then you know I’m obsessed with street art.

If you go to stpetemuraltour.

Com, you can actually access a map of where all the art is located in St.


Now you guys know whenever i travel, i like to stay active, so i was really excited to find out that they have a bike share program here in St.

Pete, so all you gotta do is download the app for Coast Bike Share and you enter in your credit card information, and then you go to any of the bike share locations and you pick up your bike.

All you have to do is enter in a code and then you unlock your bike and then you can go and cycle down the pier or around downtown St.

Pete or wherever you want to go and then once your done, you just bring it back to the location and you lock your bike up.

It’s really really cool.

Lastly, i wanted to explore the city by boat at sunset, so i booked a 2 hour sunset sail on a pontoon boat with Island Ferry.

I don’t like crowds, so this small boat cruise was perfect for quietly enjoying the sunset and even the occasional dolphin sighting.

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