Tehran Iran

Hello everyone and welcome to a new episode i am in Tehran, Iran’s capital is a bit ‘i had in mind to come here two years ago i met a traveler he told me how beautiful it was here and i also heard that the Iranians are the most hospitable people in the world so i do not wait to find out if it is true i was worried on the plane because they give a visa on arrival here but i was not sure i have everything you need so until i have attached to the passport i could not give me peace i was afraid that i did not get but it really was easy i just had to take medical insurance to 13 € and pay another 80 for the visa no questions, they printed it and i attacked him on the passport Now i need to change a bit ‘of money and find a taxi to go downtown and eccomi hostel Tonight i sleep in a dorm 9 This is my bed This is my locker and it cost me only 10 euro per night i took me more than an hour by taxi because the traffic was pretty intense and the airport is quite far, about 50km.

It cost me only 18 Euros rather honest one thing to know if you want to come in Iran the international credit cards do not work then cash flow or you’re screwed I’m dead tired Now i take a shower and i rest and see you tomorrow to explore the city first day around Tehran you’re probably wondering why i wear the shirt to visit the mosques it takes long sleeves and also i did not see nobody around in shorts so i also put a pair of jeans it would seem that only children wearing shorts I’m going to the subway in order to reach the center second part of the day.

I walked too, about 4 hours i took the subway and find myself in another area and I’m walking to the most famous building in Tehran i can not remember the name a bit of ‘you will see it It is a new day and it’s time to continue exploring for the record, for the timelapse you just saw it took me about 40 minutes and in the meantime do not overdo it at least 20 people came to take selfies and say "Welcome to Iran" they were friendly and welcoming i had heard but i was glad to experience it firsthand however, two days ago, as i reached the center i noticed a beautiful building i did a little ‘online search, and here i am let’s see what it is I’m walking towards the second attraction today do not think i stated, i am south of Tehran in the neighborhood of Rey to be exact and I’m walking to a beautiful mosque come closer back to center i wanted to go north, to see the parks and an area with nice restaurants but I’m very tired, so i have to surrender are Ferdawsi, which is where you change money and i need it because tomorrow i move north and i assure you it will be very interesting so if you want to see what it is do not miss the next episode See you soon!.