Vancouver Canada

I have arrived! This is our Air-N-B oh! Not Air-N-B air-b-n-b This is where i will sleep with Imane Then, in here There’s another bedroom Then, there is a– Leslie! Me: And then.

Kimi! Kimi: Janet’s here!! And then that’s their bedroom Then Imane! Imane: Hii Couch This is uhhhhh Table i don’t know how to say that And It’s pretty nice! Hello! Today is Saturday I’m with friends We’re all going to watch the competition My friends didn’t know i would be vlogging in Shanghainese Very happy! ^_^ i have arrived! There’s so many things to eat here! Look! So many food trucks! *flying pigeon* *Really happy with my seats! Look how close i am to the players :o* My sleep schedule hasn’t been fixed yet so i’m really sleepy i really want to sleep We’re all going out to go shopping We just went to Sephora Now we’re going to buy some clothes Yeeee.

So many friends!! i am going to eat some food now We’re eating Thai food Today we’re going to look at cats! We’re going to a cat cafe With Jason! Jason: maw maw Friends I’m at the airport now We are going to go up but we are really early Uhhh Our flight is at 4pm and right now it’s only noon We’re going to go eat and walk around the airport Thank you for watching! Goodbye.