Yerevan Armenia

"should i make three cups of coffee or two?" "Two.

For me and for aunty.

Try to make it in a way that it doesn’t have bubbles.

Oh, it is very hot.

" Our lives totally changed in 1988, when we were students.

We had to overcome so many challenges.

Naira Mkrtchyan-Syuzme The first step to financially sustain our family was for my mother to migrate to Turkey in 1993, she had to take care of the three of us, we were students.

She was one of the first Armenian who migrated to Istanbul [at the fall of ussr] My father was a civil engineer and my mother was a Russian language teacher.

When my mother first arrived in Turkey, she worked for an Armenian family in Istanbul for 4 months.

She then returned and we realized we needed another way out we couldn’t sustain ourselves that way.

It was impossible.

The second time my mother moved to Turkey, i joined her and our adventures started in this foreign country.

Several months later the other members of the family joined us.

We rented a house.

At the beginning i knew neither Turkish nor Western Armenian and i started work as babysitter for a four-year-old child.

Nine months later i took the courage to come to Marmara daily’s newsroom.

They offered me an opportunity and i started with a one-week trial period.

The seven days turned into 20 years.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, many of the Armenian sisters and brothers came to Turkey to work because of the dire economic situation.

It makes us at the same time happy and sad.

Rober Haddeciyan, editor-in-chief of Marmara newspaper This issue is two-folded.

These people had to leave their families and homeland to earn a living here in uncertain conditions and save money to send back home to their families.

This is very sad and hurts us, as we would like them to have prosperous lives in their homeland.

But on the other hand this is а good opportunity to get to know more Armenians from Armenia.

Some of them have graduated from two universities in Armenia but they still come here to work as domestic helpers.

Among them there are some of our best readers.

Armenians from Armenia work not only in Istanbul, but also in other Turkish cities.

We don’t know much about the working conditions in other cities, but we are familiar with the ones of Armenians here in Istanbul.

We know that they are concentrated in the Kumkapı district, around the Armenian patriarchate.

Feriköy, Kurtuluş Bakırköy – these are three districts where most of the Armenians from Armenia and local Turkish Armenians live.

Many Armenians also live in our district.

My husband really wanted us to live among Armenians.

We wanted to go back to Armenia, as my husband wished his son to continue his education there.

My husband is an Armenian from Istanbul, his parents were from Kayseri.

We were married for 16 years.

Unfortunately he died this year.

We tried to place our son in a high school in Armenia.

But our life conditions made us postpone our decisions for a bit.

‘kids, let’s gather and make a circle.

Let’s sing this song and dance, and welcome the New Year.

‘ New Year, New Year, you are welcome ….

’ After finishing school this year, we should return [to Armenia], and i must keep in contact with the newspaper.

I should continue working for the paper but this time from my homeland.